5 Warning Signs Your Foundation Needs Immediate Attention


The decision to lift a house is significant, often stemming from practical, safety, and even emotional reasons. When living in a region like Missouri, where fluctuating weather patterns and topographical complexities can pose unique challenges to homeowners. Understanding the signs that your house may need lifting is vital. 

House lifting involves raising a house using jacks to elevate or relocate it without altering its appearance. Professional assistance can relocate your home while maintaining its original look.

Here, we’ll explore the signs that your home could benefit from house lifting services and how this can enhance your property's safety, functionality, and value.

Sign 1: Foundation Issues

Addressing foundation problems, especially common in Missouri, becomes crucial for maintaining a home's structural integrity. Signs like cracks, uneven floors, and leaks signal potential issues. House lifting, a common solution, involves a full-structure lift to implement corrective measures. In Missouri, this may include installing deeper piers to reach stable soil or bedrock, stabilizing the home, and preventing future problems related to soil movements.

Sign 2: Desire for Additional Living Space


Whether accommodating a growing family, establishing a home office, or aspiring to have a personal gym, the need for more living space is common. A practical solution is to add a new basement or lift an existing one. This will provide an ingenious way to expand your living area without sacrificing yard space. In Missouri, many homeowners turn to house lifting for this purpose, effectively increasing living space without the expense and inconvenience of a complete building expansion.

Sign 3: Flood Mitigation Concerns

Addressing flood risks in flood-prone areas, such as Missouri, involves a proactive strategy of lifting homes above the base flood elevation recommended by FEMA. Beyond the immediate protection against potential water damage, this approach offers financial advantages, including reduced flood insurance premiums. 

Dry floodproofing means lifting the house on sturdy supports or a concrete base. This creates a protected area between the house and floodwaters. This protects the home and its belongings during floods and brings peace of mind to homeowners in the face of unpredictable flood seasons. Incorporating flood vents into the new foundation further enhances the overall flood protection system by alleviating pressures exerted by rising waters.

Sign 4: Property Drainage Problems


Handling poor drainage in your yard is crucial for preventing erosion and maintaining a healthy foundation. House lifting offers a solution by carefully planning the elevation and design of the new foundation, creating a flow of water away from the house. This not only keeps the basement dry but also protects the overall integrity of your home's surroundings. Proper landscaping techniques and house lifting can transform a waterlogged yard into a functional and lush oasis.

Sign 5: Historic Home Preservation


Owning a historic house in Missouri is responsible for preserving its rich history, unique character, and craftsmanship. The aging process often necessitates maintenance and, at times, vital lifting to address issues like termite damage, dry rot, or compliance with modern building codes.

Lifting a historic home is a delicate yet essential process that respects the original structure while facilitating necessary repairs. This may involve traditional techniques like cribbing for incremental elevation or modern equipment such as hydraulic jacks, all under the guidance of historical consultants. The ultimate goal is to restore the home to its former glory, ensuring its legacy is preserved for future generations

Trust The Professionals

Recognizing the signs early and taking swift action can save you from more costly repairs down the line. House lifting is more than just a solution. It's an investment in the safety and longevity of your home, the comfort of your family, and the value of your property. Engaging with professionals in structural engineering and house lifting services is crucial for assessing your situation and crafting a customized plan to meet your needs.

At Jonassen Structural Movers, we provide house lifting services in Missouri, with decades of experience and expertise in creating safe, functional, and beautiful living spaces. Our professionals are licensed and insured, adhering to the highest quality and safety standards in every project. Contact us today for a consultation, and let us help you lift your home to new heights!  

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