The Benefits of Elevating Your Missouri Home


Elevating your home in Missouri is not just an architectural feat; it's a decision that can redefine your property's standing metaphorically and literally. Given the state's propensity for extreme weather, Missouri homeowners are increasingly considering this strategy, from flooding to heavy snowfall. In this comprehensive guide, we explore why lifting your home can be your best investment. 

Protecting Your Home from the Elements

Missouri homeowners face a litany of natural challenges, from the muddy waters of the Missouri River to the erratic tornado seasons. Elevating your home can act as a shield against these threats.

Flood Mitigation

Flooding is a usual concern in Missouri, especially with river levels being unpredictable. Jonassen Structural Movers offers expert services in lifting homes to protect against the worst of the waters. Their solutions are more than temporary fixes; they're enduring strategies that integrate seamlessly into the landscape, providing peace of mind during the most threatening seasons.

Addressing Drainage Issues

Even outside floodplains, inadequate drainage can lead to water seepage and damage your home's foundation. House lifting services such as Jonassen's can realign your home with optimal grading, ensuring no stagnant water jeopardizes your structure.

Increasing Usable Living Space


Elevating your home can markedly increase your daily living enjoyment by creating additional space that could not have been utilized effectively.

Creating a Basement

For many homeowners, transforming a currently unusable leveled area under the house into a full-fledged basement is a game-changer. Jonassen's lifting process can achieve this with minimum disruption to your daily life. Giving you the additional square footage that can be used for storage, an entertainment area, or even a residential unit.

Expanding Existing Rooms

Sometimes, homeowners elect to elevate their homes to expand or add height to existing rooms. Perhaps you've outgrown the low ceilings in the living room, or the kitchen is begging for more square footage. Elevating your home offers a tailored approach to enhancing these spaces to your specifications.

Enhancing Your Property Value


There are clear financial incentives to consider when considering elevating your home, and Jonassen Structural Movers are the experts in understanding these benefits.

Increased Square Footage

Square footage is the currency of real estate, and with a state-approved elevation, you could add significant value to your home. Whether it's for resale or simply to heighten the asset value of your estate, Jonassen's services translate into tangible return on investment.

Addressing Foundation Repair Issues

Homes with foundation issues often decline in value, as potential buyers are wary of the costs and risks associated with repairing these problems. Lifting your home with Jonassen not only mitigates these long-term risks but also acts as a statement about the property's structural integrity.

Trust The Experts

With more than 70 years of experience in the industry, Jonassen Structural Movers are the trusted experts for elevating homes in Missouri. Our comprehensive services protect against natural elements and offer significant benefits such as creating additional usable living space and increasing property value. Consider elevating your home today and reap the rewards for years to come. Get in touch with our team today!

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