Planning a Successful Structural Move: Key Considerations

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Planning to move is a big step in everybody's life. Now imagine if you have to move your house or office. When you have created lasting memories in a home, raised children, and invested countless hours in its restoration, it's comforting to know that there are alternatives to simply packing up and bidding farewell. 

The option of moving the entire house can be a welcome choice, providing a sense of continuity and preserving the cherished moments and history that reside within its walls. In this blog, we will go over how to successfully plan a structural move:


Pre-Planning Phase

The pre-planning phase sets the stage for the entire project. Define the scope and objectives, allocate budgets, and estimate costs accurately to establish clear project parameters and expectations. Planning is crucial when moving structures, as many considerations require careful attention.

Hire Structural Movers 

The next step is to find a qualified and experienced house moving company like Jonassen Structural Movers to perform the move. A reputable mover will bring specific capabilities and know-how that an average contractor or DIYer cannot replicate. They should have experience in heavy equipment operation, foundation separation, and more to easily move your property. 

Site Preparation

There are some things you need to have ready before the arrival of the structural moving company to begin lifting or moving your house, such as:

Under the House:

  • Clear out the basement or crawlspace for safe and efficient work.
  • Remove pipes and ductwork hanging below floor joists to accommodate lifting steel.

Inside the House:

  • There is no need to worry about items sliding or falling during the lift; the moving is usually very slow and smooth.
  • Valuable items can be packed or laid down for extra caution.

Outside the House:

  • Remove wood steps, decks, porches, outdoor showers, lean-tos, and utility platforms.
  • Remove shrubbery and landscaping near the house to prevent damage.
  • Fences near the house may need to be removed for clear access.
  • Permission to use neighboring property for lifting may be required.
  • Mark private utilities (well, septic tank, gas, electric) for the crew's awareness.

Logistics and Scheduling

After the site is ready, having the proper logistics is necessary to schedule your move. Efficient logistics and scheduling are vital for a successful move. Now that you have planned the task sequence and arranged the necessary permits, you must schedule the move. 

The time frame for a structural move varies depending on your property's size and the distance it's being moved. It could range from one day to four or more days. Your mover should be able to provide an estimated timeline with insight into their process. 

Transportation and Route Planning

Structural movers need to plan the routes they will take when moving your property. They must determine the best route for transporting the structure, considering road conditions, traffic, and weather. Ensure they are familiar with any restrictions or regulations regarding over-width loads on highways and local roads.

Communication and Stakeholder Management

Good communication is critical when planning a structural move. The move coordinator should stay in close contact with the mover, local authorities, and stakeholders (neighbors, tenants, etc.). This helps to ensure that everyone affected by the project is kept up to date on progress and any unexpected issues. 

Finalizing the Move

Once your home is successfully moved to its new location, your mover should be able to provide a clear wrap-up report that includes all the project details. This report should cover the costs, timeline, safety issues, and other relevant information for reference.

Structural Moving Services in Missouri

Structural moving can be complex. A successful move requires careful planning and expertise to execute it without any issues. Working with a professional house mover like Jonassen Structural Movers will give you peace of mind that your property will be moved safely.

No matter what type of structural move you're planning, from a few miles away to extended portions of Arkansas, Kansas, or Oklahoma, our services are tailored to meet your specific needs. Contact us today and take the first step in relocating your home or office! 

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