Repurpose Buildings Through Structural Moving


Repurposing buildings involves adapting existing structures to serve a new purpose rather than demolishing them and constructing something new. One of the key techniques used in repurposing is structural moving, which involves physically relocating a building to a different location or repositioning it on the same site.

This process offers numerous advantages and benefits for the building owners and the environment. This blog will delve into the importance and benefits of structural moving in repurposing projects.


Understanding Structural Moving

Structural moving is a specialized process requiring engineering, construction, and logistics expertise. It involves lifting an entire building off its foundation and transporting it to a new location or rotating it on the same site. This process often uses hydraulic jacks, steel beams, and dollies. 

The technique is not only useful for repurposing buildings but also for historical preservation and avoiding demolition waste.

Assessing Building Suitability

Not all buildings are suitable candidates for structural moving. A thorough assessment must determine whether a building is structurally sound enough to withstand the process. Factors such as the building's age, construction materials, and current condition play a significant role in this assessment. 

Additionally, local regulations and permits must be considered before any structural moving project begins.

Planning for Repurposing

Careful planning is key to the success of repurposing through structural moving. This stage entails defining the building's new purpose, understanding the requirements for its intended use, and creating a comprehensive plan for the relocation or repositioning process.

Engaging with architects, engineers, and contractors is crucial during this phase to ensure a smooth transition.

Site Preparation

Proper preparation of the new site is crucial before relocating a building. This entails clearing the area, constructing a new foundation if needed, and ensuring safety and zoning regulations compliance. Site preparation plays a vital role in the structural moving process, ensuring a stable and secure location for the building's new purpose while maintaining its integrity.

Structural Moving Techniques

Various methods are available for structural moving, which are determined by the building's size, type, and relocation distance. Common techniques include:

  • Utilizing hydraulic jacks and rollers.
  • Sliding the building on Teflon-coated rails.
  • Employing cranes for lifting.

Each method has advantages and limitations, and selecting the appropriate technique depends on the project requirements.

Adapting the Building to Its New Purpose

After relocating the building, the process of adaptation commences. This phase encompasses interior and exterior renovations aligning with the building's new purpose. The objective is to uphold the original charm and character while seamlessly integrating modern amenities and fulfilling the functional requirements of the new use.

Environmental and Sustainable Considerations

Repurposing buildings through structural moving offers significant environmental benefits. Preserving existing structures reduces the need for new construction materials and minimizes waste generated during construction. Furthermore, it holds the potential to rejuvenate underutilized urban areas, curbing urban sprawl and promoting sustainable development practices.

However, it's crucial to consider the environmental impact of the relocation process itself and take measures to mitigate any negative effects, such as optimizing transportation routes and using eco-friendly construction materials.

Trust your Building to the Professional Movers!

When repurposing buildings, structural house moving offers numerous advantages and benefits. It is a complex process requiring expertise in engineering, construction, logistics, and local regulations. The key is to ensure proper planning and preparation before making any decisions. 

At Jonassen Structural Movers, we have the skills and experience to ensure a successful relocation process for your building. With decades of industry expertise, our structural movers team strives to provide each customer with an excellent service experience that meets their needs. Contact our structural house movers today to discuss how we can help you repurpose your building!

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